An introduction to our Venues Service


As owners of Les Passeroses we get a lot of enquiries from yoga teachers asking about hiring our venue. Unfortunately, we have no availability year on year at Les Passeroses thanks to our wonderfully loyal current teachers. This was part of the reason that Viva collaborated with Les Quatre Puits in offering a new yoga holiday centre and although I have been able to bring several yoga teachers there, I still have many requests for further venues.

So begins my search for special places and amazing owners that I can recommend to teachers. At the moment we are concentrating on southern Europe, looking for only great quality accommodation and hosting that matches or exceeds what teachers expect at Les Passeroses itself.

FOR YOGA TEACHERS - I would be thrilled to hear from any teacher searching for that perfect venue in Europe, whether for a small group in a luxury house or if you have a larger group requiring flexible accommodation and pricing. Fill out the Registration Form to get in touch if you like what you read and see!

FOR VENUE OWNERS - we want hear from any quality yoga venue owners that would like to expand by being represented by Viva Retreat Services, especially if you are just starting out. We offer you a bespoke service and great advertising benefits. Start by popping Alex an email via the contact page form, giving me  details about you and your venue.

3 great reasons use our Venue Services

Keep more time for yourself

Keep more time for yourself


I know how long it can take to just find venues online, contacting the owners and waiting for requested information. Then you have to spend ages comparing each against each other, when you have the info in completely different layouts and formats. 
This is especially true if the venue is not set up as a full time yoga holiday venue and
then, when you have made a decision, your preferred time slot might have gone!

Our aim is to have the main information every teacher needs in the same format for each venue. That way you can quickly see what is on offer and compare centres on a like-for-like basis if you need to.

Sunflower fields @ Les Passeroses

Sunflower fields @ Les Passeroses

Great food is always on the menu

Great food is always on the menu

recommendation by us at viva venues

Not to blow our own trumpets but after 11 years owning and running Les Passeroses in France, we do know what yoga teachers need in a yoga venue - and what they don't need. That is why Les Passeroses has been named one of the Top Ten Yoga Retreats in the World, a Top 20 Best Yoga Holiday Centre and has had independent reviews like this one on Queen of Retreats.
Of course, as a yoga teacher you are an individual and everyone has different priorities, so that is why I will get to know you and see what attributes of a centre are most important to you and your students.  I will only recommend venues to you that I have personally visited and have confidence that they are run professionally for the specific needs of yoga groups. 


Depending on the venue and time of year we are able to offer teachers and organisers a range of services, including -

- simple introduction to the venue owner, letting you both take it from there...
- administration of the booking for you including invoicing & booking contracts...
- organising all aspects of your booking including room distribution and food...
- a total package to include arranging all transfers, trips and other services...
- we can also offer a bespoke 'How To' service, with our expertise on all aspects of running a successful retreat - from pricing out, food offer, costs and little touches.